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April 2013

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R-ONE KAT-TUN 06092011 : translation

Hi ya,
Too much MARUDA love from this week's R-ONE KAT-TUN. My Maruda Love mode has switched on!
So, I tried to translate the beginning part where the boys were fool around :p ( I don’t bother my Japanese level at all and thanks to Google Translate too! XD)

Tatchan: How are you~ It’s Ueda Tatsuya
Yuichi : Good evening, Nakamaru Yuichi .
Tatchan: It’s Radio commercial! It is 283 episode. Nakamaru-kun, Happy birthday!
Yuichi : Thank you very much
Tatchan: (pa..pa…pa ) ~ **Very lame and soft hand clapping**
Yuichi : Hey, do clap properly!
Tatchan: Laugh
Yuichi : Oh well, 04/09 and I have turned28 years old!
Tatchan: The eldest in KAT-TUN
Yuichi : Yes…..yes
Tatchan:Please work hard a in the group!
Yuichi : Oh well…I want to work hard..but...
When we were turning 20 years old, weren’t people surrounding us saying that “you will feel it’s fast from 20 years old onward” ?
Tatchan: Yes, they said so
Yuichi : Now, I feel in that way!
Tatchan: So how is it? I want to hear your feeling
Yuichi : It was very fast! From turning 27 to 28, I really think that time really flies
Tatchan: Yes, yes
Yuichi : So, I became older
Tatchan: Getting old from 27 years old is quick hey?
Yuichi : Neh~ are you doing the countdown lately?
Tatchan: Yes I did. It’s a real feeling yea!
Yuichi : By doing countdown, you will feel it’s passing fast day by day and you will think that’s it’s important to live your life full on
Tatchan: I think so too! Somehow, It’s like you never reach the satisfaction
Yuichi : Neh~~~
Tatchan: A day by day, I will forget the feeling after a while
Yuichi : I understand, I understand
Tatchan: oh well…this is human..which is kinda useless...
( I think he is referring that human tends to forget something in daily life)
Yuichi :: Yes. But, let’s work hard this year too!
Tatchan : Yes! Here’s the present from the radio show
Yuichi :: Oi~~~~~~
Tatchan : Nakamaru-kun, you are allowed to promote your drama! It’s 30 mins radio show
Yuichi :: Can I promote my drama for 20 mins?
Tatchan : it’s hard to promote for 20mins , so 2-3 mins is fine
Yuichi : Really?
Tatchan: It’s important time measure for radio show
Yuichi : Oh well, I am happy enough as I can use 2 or 3mins of the radio show
Tatchan: Yes, come on!
Yuichi :: eh?
Tatchan: what are you doing? Just tell us the story line of the character that you are playing
Yuichi: Really? Thank you very much. But..is it too early to promote the drama?
Tatchan: Hang on, let me get the timer
Yuichi: Timer?
Tatchan: Yes yes!
Yuichi: Ano~~~ I was playing a NHK drama called : Last_Money_~Ai_no_Nedan. Starts from 13th September , 10 pm with total 7 episodes. 2 days ago, we have wrapped up the 1st episode. Ano~~ Ueda-kun, can I get you not to look at your watch?

**Kya~~ dying to see their face expression~~~~**

Tatchan: Laugh
Yuichi: Please watch the drama!
Tatchan : Yes....
Yuichi: It’s very interesting!
Tatchan : Interesting?
Yuichi: Oh well, I might praising myself, but you gotta watch it! The night of NHK – 10pm!
Tatchan: Another 20 seconds!
Yuichi: Wait, wait ! The story line would attract wide range of audiences
Tatchan: 10 seconds!
Yuichi: Can you please stop doing the countdown?
Tatchan: Please finish it off quick!
Yuichi: After I watched it, I found it’s really interesting
**In the meantime, Tatchan was doing the countdown : 5,4,3....**

Yuichi: The X & Y generations will also...
Tatchan: Times up! ( the sound of the timer! XD)
Yuichi: What’s that? It’s like commercial hot water

Tatchan: Congratulations!
Yuichi: Wait... For X & Y generations, please watch this interesting drama!
Tatchan : Oi~~~
Yuichi: Dakara…..as I said and for all the listeners, please watch the drama from 13th September!
Tatchan: Alright, it’s finished!
Yuichi: Yes
Tatchan: Yes
Yuichi : Oh well…I felt like I’m doing business
Tatchan: Let’s continue!
Yuichi: Birthday right?
Tatchan: Let’s do it!
Yuichi: Are we really celebrating it?
Tatchan: Of course! It’s not only this though...
Yuichi: Then what’s next? Present?
Tatchan: Oh well, we have prepared the present!
Yuichi: Really??? Actually.... am looking forward the surprise from this radio show!
Tatchan: So....conversely, we have the surprise present
Yuichi: Conversely...You have thought of the surprise present neh~
Tatchan: Yes, Onegaishimasu~~
Yuichi: Really? Eh? This time...what’s inside? This paper bag……
***Dying to see Maru's surprise face~~~~**

Tatchan : I think it will make you happy!
Yuichi: Thank you very much! Can I have a look?
Tatchan : Douzo……
Yuichi: Oi~~~ It’s heavy! What’s that??? Oi…!! It’s manga!! Sugei~~~~~
Tatchan: Your 28 years old’s 1st volume of soccer manga set! There are 28 books!
Yuichi: Laugh
Tatchan: What do you think?
Yuichi: It’s your 2 years ago style/pattern hey!

Tatchan: I was doing boxing neh~~~ I’m addicted several volumes from this manga
Yuichi: Really? Ah...thank you very much! Waaa~~ it’s Shoot!
(The name of the manga is シュート)

Tatchan: Nostalgic hey?
Yuichi: Do you like Shoot?
Tatchan: You are right!
Yuichi: I really like this manga!
Tatchan: So, who are the key people? Please introduce!
Yuichi: It’s 久保さん 神谷 (Kubo Kamiya) , 平松 (Hiramatsu)…..and the dissappeared heel lifts
**Sorry , not too sure about the heel lifts- got it from Google Translate :p **

Tatchan: Yes
Yuichi: there are some others…
Tatchan: Captain Tsubasa?
Yuichi: Eh? In this manga?
Tatchan: yes, it is
Yuichi: Ah~~ 「イナズマイレブン」だ!
**Again, sorry I don’t know well about the manga**

Tatchan: I’ve heard that before
Yuichi: Ah…whistle…nostalgic!
Tatchan: it’s funny, isn’t it? The whistle
Yuichi: Jya….I gonna read it! J- Dream
Tatchan: I’ve heard about it too
Yuichi: Nostalgic! The uniform is nostalgic! I think it’s Africa tournament!
Tatchan: Arh…really?
Yuichi: It was about カズ,柱谷,北沢,武田’s era! I think the football jersey starts since that era and it became successful in Europe and makes me started the Football J-league

Tatchan: It’s definitely a good idea for giving you soccer manga as present. You have spoken a lot!
Tatchan : What you have a said about soccer is a measurement of your happiness
Yuichi: Wait, I gonna have quick check on this manga
Tatchan: Didn’t you read the ending?
Yuichi: Em…. but I didn’t know much. Do you know Yatagarasu?
Tatchan: I don’t know
Yuichi: It’s about uniform, maybe from 4~8 years ago
Tatchan: Wow…you knew it in detail!
Yuichi: The uniform is not old. The uniform of Japan is changing, do you know?
Tatchan: I don’t know...Alright, we can stop this conversation!

Yuichi: The pink uniform for girls are increasing neh~
Tatchan : Yea…it’s kawaii~~
Yuichi: Thank you very much! I will read this slowly!
Tatchan, so…let’s start tonight!

Toooooo much Maruda love this week~~~~~~

Once again, Happy Birthday Maru~~~~~~~

Shoot Manga description : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aoki_Densetsu_Shoot!


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maru must have waited for the surprise present from R-one or from ueda himself *bricked* ^^

thank you for the translation :)
Thank you for the translation <3

R-ONE KAT-TUN 06092011 : translation

Thanks for sharing!!!
i really love to see tat-chan teasing yuichi!!!!
Thanks for the translations^^ Can I repost this and credit you with link?

I'm one of yuichi fans and i love collecting yucchi's pics, interviews etc and this is my blog if you wanna take a look http://nakamaruyuichifans.blogspot.com/

p/s : i'm waiting for your approval *bambi eyes*

sure~~~ Happy to share~~~ XDXD
Your blog is awesome!
MaruDa spirit is just oozing out from the show XD
Happy Birthday Maru~!
Thanks tatchan for the wonderful present XP
Thanks so much!
Thanks for translate ^^
Cute! Thank you for sharing!
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