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Apr. 8th, 2013


A trip to Europe

Gosh! I think I'm pretty much dead in LJ :p
Kinda exciting now as I'm planning my Europe trip in June.
Air ticket and accommodation booked in London!

I need to find a companion to go to Stratford-upon-Avon

I can't believe it was back to 2009!
4 years later I will be going there! Too bad I couldn't see your hand writing anymore, tatchan! T_______T

2009 Romeo Juliet 01 ueda

Sep. 16th, 2011


Kamenashi : I'm not the special one

Dear all,
Not sure which magazine it was. I saw this short interview at Chinese website
So I've translated as below

Kamenashi Kazuya played the role in DBS for Imperial theatre 100th year anniversary. Tanaka Koki and Nakamaru Yuichi from KAT-TUN are involved in the play as well.

During the magazine interview, Kame mentioned as below
There is a stage play line -“ I will take it all”
Johnny san said to me “ YOU have to prepare to handle a lot of things”
Although I found myself that  ‘I hate myself in that way’
But I think I’m fated to be this way
After all, Men are the person with great responsibilities- for marriage & famlily, for working hard.
Everyone is having their own responsibilities and working hard to it.
I am not the special one

source : Sohu
Oh Kame...too much burdens on you!!!!
I feel sad after reading this .....:(

Sep. 7th, 2011


R-ONE KAT-TUN 06092011 : translation

Hi ya,
Too much MARUDA love from this week's R-ONE KAT-TUN. My Maruda Love mode has switched on!
So, I tried to translate the beginning part where the boys were fool around :p ( I don’t bother my Japanese level at all and thanks to Google Translate too! XD)

Tatchan: How are you~ It’s Ueda Tatsuya
Yuichi : Good evening, Nakamaru Yuichi .
Tatchan: It’s Radio commercial! It is 283 episode. Nakamaru-kun, Happy birthday!
Yuichi : Thank you very much
Tatchan: (pa..pa…pa ) ~ **Very lame and soft hand clapping**
Yuichi : Hey, do clap properly!
Tatchan: Laugh
Yuichi : Oh well, 04/09 and I have turned28 years old!
Tatchan: The eldest in KAT-TUN
Yuichi : Yes…..yes
Tatchan:Please work hard a in the group!
Yuichi : Oh well…I want to work hard..but...
When we were turning 20 years old, weren’t people surrounding us saying that “you will feel it’s fast from 20 years old onward” ?
Tatchan: Yes, they said so
Yuichi : Now, I feel in that way!
Tatchan: So how is it? I want to hear your feeling
Yuichi : It was very fast! From turning 27 to 28, I really think that time really flies
Tatchan: Yes, yes
Yuichi : So, I became older
Tatchan: Getting old from 27 years old is quick hey?
Yuichi : Neh~ are you doing the countdown lately?
Tatchan: Yes I did. It’s a real feeling yea!
Yuichi : By doing countdown, you will feel it’s passing fast day by day and you will think that’s it’s important to live your life full on
Tatchan: I think so too! Somehow, It’s like you never reach the satisfaction
Yuichi : Neh~~~
Tatchan: A day by day, I will forget the feeling after a while
Yuichi : I understand, I understand
Tatchan: oh well…this is human..which is kinda useless...
( I think he is referring that human tends to forget something in daily life)
Yuichi :: Yes. But, let’s work hard this year too!
Tatchan : Yes! Here’s the present from the radio show
Yuichi :: Oi~~~~~~
Tatchan : Nakamaru-kun, you are allowed to promote your drama! It’s 30 mins radio show
Yuichi :: Can I promote my drama for 20 mins?
Tatchan : it’s hard to promote for 20mins , so 2-3 mins is fine
Yuichi : Really?
Tatchan: It’s important time measure for radio show
Yuichi : Oh well, I am happy enough as I can use 2 or 3mins of the radio show
Tatchan: Yes, come on!
Yuichi :: eh?
Tatchan: what are you doing? Just tell us the story line of the character that you are playing
Yuichi: Really? Thank you very much. But..is it too early to promote the drama?
Tatchan: Hang on, let me get the timer
Yuichi: Timer?
Tatchan: Yes yes!
Yuichi: Ano~~~ I was playing a NHK drama called : Last_Money_~Ai_no_Nedan. Starts from 13th September , 10 pm with total 7 episodes. 2 days ago, we have wrapped up the 1st episode. Ano~~ Ueda-kun, can I get you not to look at your watch?

**Kya~~ dying to see their face expression~~~~**

Tatchan: Laugh
Yuichi: Please watch the drama!
Tatchan : Yes....
Yuichi: It’s very interesting!
Tatchan : Interesting?
Yuichi: Oh well, I might praising myself, but you gotta watch it! The night of NHK – 10pm!
Tatchan: Another 20 seconds!
Yuichi: Wait, wait ! The story line would attract wide range of audiences
Tatchan: 10 seconds!
Yuichi: Can you please stop doing the countdown?
Tatchan: Please finish it off quick!
Yuichi: After I watched it, I found it’s really interesting
**In the meantime, Tatchan was doing the countdown : 5,4,3....**

Yuichi: The X & Y generations will also...
Tatchan: Times up! ( the sound of the timer! XD)
Yuichi: What’s that? It’s like commercial hot water

Tatchan: Congratulations!
Yuichi: Wait... For X & Y generations, please watch this interesting drama!
Tatchan : Oi~~~
Yuichi: Dakara…..as I said and for all the listeners, please watch the drama from 13th September!
Tatchan: Alright, it’s finished!
Yuichi: Yes
Tatchan: Yes
Yuichi : Oh well…I felt like I’m doing business
Tatchan: Let’s continue!
Yuichi: Birthday right?
Tatchan: Let’s do it!
Yuichi: Are we really celebrating it?
Tatchan: Of course! It’s not only this though...
Yuichi: Then what’s next? Present?
Tatchan: Oh well, we have prepared the present!
Yuichi: Really??? Actually.... am looking forward the surprise from this radio show!
Tatchan: So....conversely, we have the surprise present
Yuichi: Conversely...You have thought of the surprise present neh~
Tatchan: Yes, Onegaishimasu~~
Yuichi: Really? Eh? This time...what’s inside? This paper bag……
***Dying to see Maru's surprise face~~~~**

Tatchan : I think it will make you happy!
Yuichi: Thank you very much! Can I have a look?
Tatchan : Douzo……
Yuichi: Oi~~~ It’s heavy! What’s that??? Oi…!! It’s manga!! Sugei~~~~~
Tatchan: Your 28 years old’s 1st volume of soccer manga set! There are 28 books!
Yuichi: Laugh
Tatchan: What do you think?
Yuichi: It’s your 2 years ago style/pattern hey!

Tatchan: I was doing boxing neh~~~ I’m addicted several volumes from this manga
Yuichi: Really? Ah...thank you very much! Waaa~~ it’s Shoot!
(The name of the manga is シュート)

Tatchan: Nostalgic hey?
Yuichi: Do you like Shoot?
Tatchan: You are right!
Yuichi: I really like this manga!
Tatchan: So, who are the key people? Please introduce!
Yuichi: It’s 久保さん 神谷 (Kubo Kamiya) , 平松 (Hiramatsu)…..and the dissappeared heel lifts
**Sorry , not too sure about the heel lifts- got it from Google Translate :p **

Tatchan: Yes
Yuichi: there are some others…
Tatchan: Captain Tsubasa?
Yuichi: Eh? In this manga?
Tatchan: yes, it is
Yuichi: Ah~~ 「イナズマイレブン」だ!
**Again, sorry I don’t know well about the manga**

Tatchan: I’ve heard that before
Yuichi: Ah…whistle…nostalgic!
Tatchan: it’s funny, isn’t it? The whistle
Yuichi: Jya….I gonna read it! J- Dream
Tatchan: I’ve heard about it too
Yuichi: Nostalgic! The uniform is nostalgic! I think it’s Africa tournament!
Tatchan: Arh…really?
Yuichi: It was about カズ,柱谷,北沢,武田’s era! I think the football jersey starts since that era and it became successful in Europe and makes me started the Football J-league

Tatchan: It’s definitely a good idea for giving you soccer manga as present. You have spoken a lot!
Tatchan : What you have a said about soccer is a measurement of your happiness
Yuichi: Wait, I gonna have quick check on this manga
Tatchan: Didn’t you read the ending?
Yuichi: Em…. but I didn’t know much. Do you know Yatagarasu?
Tatchan: I don’t know
Yuichi: It’s about uniform, maybe from 4~8 years ago
Tatchan: Wow…you knew it in detail!
Yuichi: The uniform is not old. The uniform of Japan is changing, do you know?
Tatchan: I don’t know...Alright, we can stop this conversation!

Yuichi: The pink uniform for girls are increasing neh~
Tatchan : Yea…it’s kawaii~~
Yuichi: Thank you very much! I will read this slowly!
Tatchan, so…let’s start tonight!

Toooooo much Maruda love this week~~~~~~

Once again, Happy Birthday Maru~~~~~~~

Shoot Manga description : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aoki_Densetsu_Shoot!

Sep. 5th, 2011


Short Translation from Popolo

Kinda bored, so I translated the simple Japanese!


I want to climb Alps. I like the Alps like Heidi (from Switzerland)
The images of mountains at overseas are different from Japan, so I have a strong interest


I want to go to The earth’s navel
I want to go to Australia’s Ayer Rocks . It’s the earth’s navel.
I am eager to see it in real.

Come to Aussie, Junno! We are waiting for you~~~ :D

Aug. 9th, 2011

















































Tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long.
Translation? Hmm....maybe next time!

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